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Construction & Engineering

We are into the Business of Construction & Engineering of various Civil structures and for this segment we had ventured with New Zealand Architects M/s.MONK MACKENZIE who are the pioneer in Modern Architecture for Buildings,Villa, Bridges,Walkways and much more using latest Rhino 3D Software and a experienced team in Architecture.Visit for further details.Also we are ventured with M/s. Novare Design,New Zealand for structural Engineering works & consultation for all types of Building,Malls, Bridges, etc. structure.Their expertise have in depth knowledge of seismic, light weight structures, cost-efficient structures and Longevity structures.Visit for further details. With the above ventures we can deliver a Aesthetic Architect Design with a Durable Structure and make Edifices.

Operation & Maintenance

Operation and Maintenance and Manpower supply is the area where we we have a long term experience and our Managing director had executed major contracts with leading Oil & Gas Companies in India viz. M/s.Cairn India Ltd, Oil India Ltd & ONGC and have a decade experience in all kinds of Technical Manpower supply, Operation & Maintenance of Oil & Gas Fields and Overseas Tenders for Oil & Gas and other Manpower supply Business.We have a network of more than 8000 members from diversified fields viz.Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, Chemical, Petrochemical, Petroleum, HSE Engineers & Technicians, Lab chemist, Fire Officers, etc.. with knowledge & experience in different sectors like Oil & Gas, Chemical, Fertiliser, Cement, Automobiles, Power Plant, Sewage Treatment Plant, Construction, Security & Surveillance, Pipeline & Structure Fabrication. With these experience and our In house team & network we can provide the most competitive and cost efficient O&M, Manpower Supply for your Business or project requirements.

Our associate UOGE International has diverse experience in O&M, startup and shutdown at KOC Kuwait. To know more visit

Project Management Consulting (PMC) 

With our experience and ventures we can provide Project Management support  to execute all types of Civil,Mechanical, Electrical Projects also Erection, Commissioning Projects, O&M and Innovative Projects.

Structural Fabrication

Small,Medium as well as Large scale projects with Highly experienced Engineers, Welders,Fitters and Specialized Riggers.


We can do various types of Steel, Pipeline,Storage Tank Fabrication which includes quality ARC and TIG Welding (3G,4G &6G),Cutting,Erection & Commission, Overhauling of Pumps and Valves. We can also undertake Startup-Shutdown jobs and Lumpsum Turnkey Projects (LSTK). We can deliver Small,Medium as well as Large scale projects with Highly experienced Engineers, Welders,Fitters and Specialized Riggers.

Security & Surveillance and Navigation System

We can provide the most advanced Tailor -made Security& Surveillance Systems and Navigation System which are recently emerging in developed countries like UK,USA,Germany,etc. Some of our products & services includes Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) for above ground,Underground & Underwater facilities, Under Vehicle Scanning System,Vehicle Tracking with SMS, Camera Systems and Devices,Baggage Scanners and Radio Walkie Talkies.We are associated with High Tech Engineers and companies in UK, Israel & India for these services and products. Our Indian Engineers have more than 3 Decades of Experience which also includes the most significant ONGC,Uran which is the key plant in India for Oil & Gas Industry. 

Export & Import

Our service also includes Export & Import of Engineering Allied materials from developed countries to meet the modern requirement in Engineering and provide advanced technical standard and quality product in India. We have collaborated with German Lubricant company M/s.GERMAN GOLD for supply of all kinds of Automotive and Industrial Lubricants in India & Sri Lanka territory. GERMAN GOLD Lubricants are found to be one of the best lubricants which is Manufactured and Packed in modern advanced refineries of Germany.Kindly visit for more details of their products.

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